Two artists can use the same paint to paint the same scene, yet come up with completely different interpretations of that scene. Gardening and landscaping is no different.

Personality can come out in the plants and ornaments chosen, the hard landscaping elements used and the way they are put together.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting had a fairy garden set in a shade gully. While this concept may not be everybody’s dream garden, it was developed to provide a place of discovery for children. A young boy and girl who were there could not contain themselves, squealing with delight as each mushroom and fairy revealed itself behind a rock or under a leaf.

The rest of the garden had a very different feel with manicured lawns and lush garden beds.

When several people tend a garden, the result will show the influence of each. Sometimes these ideas merge in harmony, sometimes they create a visual cacophony and sometimes they are simply in different parts of the garden. The result is, none the less, their garden.

You can clip and train hedges, embed mosaics into you concrete paths and steps, select ornaments around a theme or mix them up. With the bonus of thousands of plants to choose from it is easy to create your own palette

Take the canvas of your yard and create a masterpiece.